What’s the MOST Amount of Fat You Can Lose in a Week? (And How To Do It)

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Название :  What’s the MOST Amount of Fat You Can Lose in a Week? (And How To Do It)
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Кадры What’s the MOST Amount of Fat You Can Lose in a Week? (And How To Do It)

Описание What’s the MOST Amount of Fat You Can Lose in a Week? (And How To Do It)

Коментарии What’s the MOST Amount of Fat You Can Lose in a Week? (And How To Do It)

Jeremy Ethier
What do you think about this fat loss protocol? Comment below! Hope you all enjoyed this one – let me know what other topics you’d like to see me cover and I’ll get on it! Cheers!
Comment from : Jeremy Ethier

This helped me a lot
Comment from : Oaroh

Thank you I could lose 11kg every week
Comment from : CHROME

Good Enuff Garage
Excellent video, I am 5'11" and stuck at 168 and 20 body fat but at nearly 50 I wonder if age is an additional factor on weight loss, I exercise daily, eliptical, swim, walk, and weights / resistence training every two days
Comment from : Good Enuff Garage

Is the maximum daily calorie deficit how much we should be eating or is that the number I minus from my maintenance calories?
Comment from : 2timezzz

You're basing this idea of 69kcal/kg of BF on a theoretical article based on the Minnesota starvation experiment - an experiment with sub optimal diet (by far), mainly because the purpose of ME was to understand what happened during starvation and how to refeed subjects safely as this was a concern because of how the allies starved the german population after WW2
Comment from : Maximilian

Laura G
I think it’s important to remember that there is also genetic variation People with fewer fat cells may have a different outcome from someone with more fat cells even if they have the same amount of body fat
Comment from : Laura G

This video is so wrong
Comment from : Walker

Manuel Cruz
Anyone got his Instagram? I’m trying to lose fat but I only burn about 1,500 calories per day but I eat like 2,540 should I eat less like 1,500 calories?
Comment from : Manuel Cruz

Jasmine Seufatu
I lost 4kg in a week, it probably wasn’t the healthiest but I just ate 1200 calories a day
Comment from : Jasmine Seufatu

khaled aldoraee
Comment from : khaled aldoraee

My dad thinks I'm starting to have an eating disorder cause I want to lose weight 😔
Comment from : SweetIcicles

Sander van Halsem
I might be very stupid, but do someone have an online calculator for this?
Comment from : Sander van Halsem

Medea Endor
If I follow the calculation and get 800 calories, is that how much I am allowed to eat daily? Or should I substract tahz from my 1900 calories I usually eat a day?
Comment from : Medea Endor

Medea Endor
How do I find out how much fat I have?
Comment from : Medea Endor

Eric Wade
Play video at 125x
Comment from : Eric Wade

Пётр Сухин
Tbf it's kinda funny i weigh at 258 pounds and by your equations my max calorie deficit is 2325 calories Did i do something wrong or?
Comment from : Пётр Сухин

Lex Whitmarsh
I like how he says muscle loss
Comment from : Lex Whitmarsh

Chris Singh
So for the second guy has to eat 790 calories to lose weight
Comment from : Chris Singh

walter moya
According to this I can lose up to 62lb a week…
Comment from : walter moya

Turtle Lifestyle
I dont get it Kcal and cal are different scales so how does 31kcal × 40lb only amount 1240cal
Comment from : Turtle Lifestyle

This is so helpful, i was trying to lose weight but was doing it wrong i was eating like 800 calories a day and yea i was losing from 5 to 1lb a day it was a lot of muscle also even with exerciseing
Comment from : mrmasterblaster

so ur telling me that i only have to eat 1381 calories?
Comment from : beuh2104

Chris N
If you’re lactose intolerant drink a glass of milk you’ll lose 10 pounds in a week lol
Comment from : Chris N

Mridul Kumar
My weight is 171 pounds and i'm at 23 fat and I'm sorry I don't really understand the formulaCan someone do it for me? I'll really appreciate it
Comment from : Mridul Kumar

A few years ago I lost 10kg in a month and I think I was 10 or 11
Comment from : Weirdo

Tom Jennings
That thumbnail though 🤣 in a week you took a shit and tensed for the second photo?
Comment from : Tom Jennings

Ivan Catalan
So the skinnier we are, the less cardio we need to do but more muscle need to build And the fatter we are then the more cardio we need to do but less muscle?
Comment from : Ivan Catalan

Ivana Thompson
Comment from : Ivana Thompson

Ivana Thompson
For the deficit does that only include from good sources
Comment from : Ivana Thompson

Club sando
0:54 hes doing 30lbs dumbell ohp and hes acting like its the heaviest thing ever
Comment from : Club sando

Pranay Singh Parihar
Can someone give me these calculations in kgs please
Comment from : Pranay Singh Parihar

Gotta find another video where they explain it in Kg instead of lbs
Comment from : skiesss

Timothy Drake
Since the gyms opened again on 19th of May of my I lost 10 pounds of fat using this strategy Probably gained some lean tissue as well
Comment from : Timothy Drake

Chelton Schatz
Does Okibetonic Secrets (just google it) help me lost crazy amounts of weight? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss secrets
Comment from : Chelton Schatz

Esenii Skosyrev
Is Okibetonic Secrets useful to lost lots of weight? We have read numerous good things about Okibetonic Secrets (look on google search engine)
Comment from : Esenii Skosyrev

movoye mickele
Fat loss is simple Fatty people are going to burn more fat than skinny people, so just call your doctor to insert around 500 pounds of fat into your belly In just a month you will see that your face goes thin, that's when you should call your doctor to take the fat out from your belly Do it by science, not hard work
Comment from : movoye mickele

Carmindy Stevens
VERY GOOD INFO!!! Love the math explanation
Comment from : Carmindy Stevens

I wonder if you can just talk or finally look yourself like on your photoshopped thumbnails
Comment from : Econ

Ish S
Just eat less move more quit sugar junk do strength training and just eat vegetables
Comment from : Ish S

Buzzs Burner
How much weight could somebody who weighed 260 lbs lose in a month?
Comment from : Buzzs Burner

Dodjie Garcia
There should also be an episode of how much fat can you gain in a week if you stop your fitness regimen all of a sudden The pandemic taught us so
Comment from : Dodjie Garcia

Gabriel Cobbina
I just started the gym about a week ago, my only concern is about my belly Also I have one question what are the kinds of food should I take Please I need help
Comment from : Gabriel Cobbina

Elliotts Lab
This will suck hard to do it this hardcore lol
Comment from : Elliotts Lab

Jack Gabriel
Thank you
Comment from : Jack Gabriel

TA Garcia
I think between 10 and 8 is optimal unless you are doing competitions
Comment from : TA Garcia

oh am not that smart i don’t understand math
Comment from : 1992

Are we talking just a caloric deficit through food? Or is this including further deficits through cardio?
Comment from : Mr JAMBA

Eliza Hansen
Do natural popular fat burn methods like Okibetonic Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We've heard several awesome things about this popular lose weight diet plan
Comment from : Eliza Hansen

Jonah Browning
Hi there, I want to know if Okibetonic Secrets, will really work for me? I see many people keep on talking about this popular weight loss diet plan
Comment from : Jonah Browning

Tallie Whitiker
What is Okibetonic Secrets? I have noticed several amazing things about this popular weight loss method
Comment from : Tallie Whitiker

JuJu Rolon Jr
When I’m literally John
Comment from : JuJu Rolon Jr

Hbk Landen
This was by far the most helpful weight loss vid I come across
Comment from : Hbk Landen

Just relax
If fat is 26 then how would i multiple ??
Comment from : Just relax

Nitisha Paniya
My maximum daily calorie deficit came out to be 2050 What does that mean? brIf anybody could help
Comment from : Nitisha Paniya

Muhammad Gulzar
Insane vid bro keep it up loved it really helpful
Comment from : Muhammad Gulzar

Raymond John Regalado
Comment from : Raymond John Regalado

skinny fat is far better than fat fat and once you're skinny fat you can work on building muscle who cares if you lose muscle, you can build it back up once you're lean
Comment from : waterdragon2012

Maya Van Meervelde
hey, for everyone who uses kgs instead of pounds!brI calculated how to get to your weekly fatloss number by using kgs:brbrEASY FORMULA:brbrSTEP 1: body weight x fat percentagebrSTEP 2: [the outcome of step 1] x 69brSTEP 3: [the outcome of step 2] x 7brSTEP 4: [the outcome of step 3] / 7800brSTEP 5: now you've got your weekly fatloss number!brbrFORMULA WITH UNITS OF MEASURE:brbrSTEP 1: body weight x fat percentage br= () kg of fatbrbrSTEP 2: () kg of fat x 69kcal/kg/daybr= max daily calorie deficitbrbrSTEP 3: (max daily calorie deficit x 7) / 7800 calories/kgbr= weekly fatloss numberbrbr(I'm using my weight and body fat as an example) brbrWeight: 67kgbrBody fat: 23,4brbrSTEP 1: 67kg x 0,234 br= 15,7kg of fatbrbrSTEP 2: 15,7kg x 69kcal/kg/day br= 1083,3 caloriesbrbrSTEP 3: (1083,3 calories x 7) / 7800 calories/kg br= 0,97kg of fat/weekbrbrI hope this helps you all out!
Comment from : Maya Van Meervelde

La Verdad Buscador
Maybe I'm just blessed because I didn't become skinny fatbrI lost 65 lbs in 3 monthsbrI wasn't "bulking" but did lift a little 2x a week I was definitely stronger after 3 months and wasn't "soft"
Comment from : La Verdad Buscador

token 1
Very informative!
Comment from : token 1

To further decrease muscle loss, look into fasting, this hugely increases human growth hormone which helps burn fat and retain/build muscle
Comment from : aWildTomAppeared

Glinda Reynolds
What is Okibetonic Secrets? Does it work? I hear most people burn their fat with this popular lose weight diet plan
Comment from : Glinda Reynolds

Jason Lurf
So the less body fat, the more pointless the gym is for healthy people to live in…
Comment from : Jason Lurf

I m curious I m 74kg and 175cm tall doing 4 times outdooor training and 1400 kalorirs diet +hydroxycut but not doing cardio150-200g carbo-140+g protein and some fat is my usual program Now that I lost 2-3 kilos my fat loss is declining My plan is to build lean muscle and lose fat Maybe I m still eating too much
Comment from : Scarecrooo

DJ A Sen
Is this for natural ppl or guys on PEDs? 🤔brHow does one hold muscle with such kind of a deficit?
Comment from : DJ A Sen

Why does the body move to muscle? If there’s plenty of fat What if you’re fat-adapted?
Comment from : SpiralMystic

Ramon Balthazar
Dude, thanks so much for reading all of these papers and talking real shit Your videos are great 💯
Comment from : Ramon Balthazar

Arturo Martinez
How is it that I lost 20 pounds in a month then?
Comment from : Arturo Martinez

Ryan Johnson
I lost 7 week 1
Comment from : Ryan Johnson

Aziz Rahman
Mate your videos and informative advice is one of the best, keep up the good work on helping people like me
Comment from : Aziz Rahman

Respectfully disagree According to my digital scale app I lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks and gained one lb of muscle during the same period I did this with moderate lifting and varying degrees of fasting, and still had a cheat day Started around 29 body fat
Comment from : Rio

What In Tarnation
This is exactly what i was looking forthank you
Comment from : What In Tarnation

Glxy tai
I have 63 pounds of fat, sheesh
Comment from : Glxy tai

Absolute Buffoon
That time of year again huh fellas?
Comment from : Absolute Buffoon

Chandra Rai
Comment from : Chandra Rai

Filippo Mechini
You saying this makes me want to quit because summer is in a month and I’m 13 I’m not fat not 100 skinny it’s just I have that one extra layer of fat I’m trying to get rid of and I don’t know what workouts/diet to go on all these videos telling me different things
Comment from : Filippo Mechini

how do i find my body fat
Comment from : NsBista

Nate Diaz
Can you get resorts by only walking 2 hours a day
Comment from : Nate Diaz

Geedi Mohammed
Dont know about a week but i lost 20kg in a month with just came out fo surgery tho
Comment from : Geedi Mohammed

The Best of Realm Royale
Muscle growth in deficit is still possible tho
Comment from : The Best of Realm Royale

This math doesn't check out for obese people lol I'm 240 lbs and 40 body fat so the calculation says I can be in a 2,976 calorie deficit per day, ie basically not eating
Comment from : Yarcofin

How do I find out my body fat level
Comment from : JD

John 29
With 14-15 your will have visible abs why need to cut more? Unless u re freak ofc
Comment from : John 29

Leland Ray
As expert, I think Okibetonic Secrets can be great way to lost a lot of weight Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too
Comment from : Leland Ray

Rochester Graza
I see a lot of people keep on speaking about Okibetonic Secrets (do a search on google) But Im not sure if it is good Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss system?
Comment from : Rochester Graza

Abby Rowe
Hi there, I want to know if Okibetonic Secrets, will really work for me? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan
Comment from : Abby Rowe

So that max daily caloric deficit is the amount of calories u should be eating for the day? Or is it that’s how much u have to subtract from ur maintenance calories?
Comment from : oxSmoothxo

Paul Costa
This is one of the most BS, false studies I've ever seen you take seriously enough to share I lose 10-14lbs of NON-WATER weight, measured, for every 36hr FAST I do If that weren't 90 fat at least, I would have negative shittons of muscle This is mainstream non-fasting BS hypertheoretical information Go on a 7 day water fast and get the correct answer
Comment from : Paul Costa

Oreo Ingram
Jeremyyou are doing the Lord’s work my friend! Great stuff as always 🤙🏾👊🏾💪🏾💯
Comment from : Oreo Ingram

William Jazzy
Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan
Comment from : William Jazzy

Tosin Ojo
lol meanwhile i can loose 7ib per week on 1200-1300kcals dailyi weigh 200 ibs
Comment from : Tosin Ojo

Does this calorie deficit mean I should reduce my calories by what I calculated or are these the maximum calories I am allowed to take per day? My english isn't that good
Comment from : Imani

i’m 16 and i’m 5’11 ish and i’m 171 pounds and at 24 i think but i’ve been working out for almost 2 months and i haven’t seen any differences and i keep staying in the 170-168 range
Comment from : posxn

Eeshan Mathur
26*31 is 806 not 790
Comment from : Eeshan Mathur

Tallie Whitiker
Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (just google it) I've heard several amazing things about this popular fat burn diet plan
Comment from : Tallie Whitiker

Lawrence Soriano
I don't even know when I'm undereating or overeating
Comment from : Lawrence Soriano

Ludwig Vonn
Literally 90 of his videos are useless if you have a slow metabolism
Comment from : Ludwig Vonn

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