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tio Carvão
não são radiantes
Comment from : tio Carvão

andres 410
bruh these golds were play better than most plats i have seen
Comment from : andres 410

I feel like russians never use communication lol
Comment from : Travis

c8 Wolf
maybe we can do: Platin deverse Dia ?
Comment from : c8 Wolf

b4 the reyna nerf :(
Comment from : emma

The breach: “how am I suppose to get to tp” Has Full Until
THIS is the problem with this elo.. Lack of game sense or common sense.

Comment from : OneBigMike

Alexander Nunez
The radiant cypher was getting dumpstered lol
Comment from : Alexander Nunez

amir mahdavi
Gold Reyna Diff ..
Comment from : amir mahdavi

5 radiant vs 5 diamond, radiant cant comunicate
Comment from : Alvlad

Asher Hailey
I wanna play w this gold Reyna seems good and chill some drop the @
Comment from : Asher Hailey

25:23 these guys are plats?
Comment from : ░KenLinx░

Brett Kearney
You should redo this video with exact teams but the radiants CAN talk, just to show how important communication is. Could help ALOT of people understand who choose not to talk
Comment from : Brett Kearney

Tyler Smash
wait this is a handicap?
I have this all the time. None of my teamtes ever communicate

Comment from : Tyler Smash

Lia Jik
Wait this isn't normal?
Comment from : Lia Jik

Comment from : SpineList

hello can i participate in a video my riot games name is S9 Roazr#SKYE9 and i am Gold 2
Comment from : Roazr

Guy horn
idk man, these radiants dying to 2v1 multiple times is pretty rough.
Comment from : Guy horn

Centre Nerd
Valorant but the comms are mixed and nobody knows if the person talking is on their team or on the enemies
Comment from : Centre Nerd

Yo dude thank you for using my video idea. I know I'm 1 month late, but thank you!
Comment from : jazzerskiii

Gregório Moraes
5:38 and 5:44 - i just love how even radiant phoenix mains flash themselves :3
Comment from : Gregório Moraes

Noah Chartrand
Honestly surprised how well the radiant did those players got there because of one there skill in aim and game sense but two the exsessive comms on there team
Comment from : Noah Chartrand

Reece McGinnity
Bro the radiant Phoenix is on Gfuel
Comment from : Reece McGinnity

Mamta Sharma
2Radiants and 3irons vs 5plats

would love to see radiants teaching irons😍

Comment from : Mamta Sharma

2 Radiant with infinite abilities but knife only VS
5 Iron

Comment from : KAVI

were the radiants allowed to ping in gam?
Comment from : munchlax99

Macs Garis
Wtf cypher is true radiant?
Comment from : Macs Garis

Mr. Sebru
Make a game where 1 defender can only hear the plans of the attacker... ?
Comment from : Mr. Sebru

Kevin Chen
Man these radiants are so bad they don’t even communicate smh
Comment from : Kevin Chen

Jesus Alonso
Lmao I just got a ad for valorant mobile
Comment from : Jesus Alonso

22:45 clean transition
Comment from : Yes

Артем Никитин
People in Russia: We always play without communication lmao
Comment from : Артем Никитин

Zyǐ Bésixdouze
I see the radiant pheonix showing us how the boss does it
Comment from : Zyǐ Bésixdouze

Paul Picker
wtf the title could be 1phoenix vs 5 golds lmai
Comment from : Paul Picker

The only thing I want is them to stop saying "jitter peek".
Comment from : Falx

Well Well
3:08 nice clutch by sage! And that flick was rlly good
Comment from : Well Well

anirudh vasudevan
u guys still really believe these noobs r radiant?? i play far better than them
Comment from : anirudh vasudevan

There's no way they are radiant player porb just 5 stacking and got carryed dude like they lost sooo many 1 v 1s
Comment from : Thander

DimonedWolfGaming 500
goes to show how important good comms are
Comment from : DimonedWolfGaming 500

tsoL Val
idk why the radiants are playing like pussies when they’re literally against golds, if they’d just push out and take site it’d be so easy lmao
Comment from : tsoL Val

9:35 Was Cypher Okay?
Comment from : MeetMyNoob

Captain Bayo
That cypher is NOT radiant lol
Comment from : Captain Bayo

Asi Ballers
9:34 Radiant? Seriously?
Comment from : Asi Ballers

gold's reyna poppin'
Comment from : W L

this episode's gold kinda good ngl
Comment from : W L

that sage deserve plat / diamond
Comment from : W L

Chris Joshua Abesamis
2:12 could be U hall
Comment from : Chris Joshua Abesamis

Gumby R0b0t
Have they done with no Audio? I've played without sound on before its honeslty really difficult.
Comment from : Gumby R0b0t

Make a game "5 golds vs 3 radiants only golds can communicate but the radiants can hear their calls"
Comment from : Vipo

9:34 yup cypher is "radiant"
Comment from : Keeloo

Enis TheWrthx
you sure these players are radiant?
Comment from : Enis TheWrthx

Zero XT
I got the notification after 5 days Youtube is Seriously Drunk
Comment from : Zero XT

egyptain players iam a joke to you?
Comment from : ThetreeseekerWasTaken

Joe Mama
these golds were pretty good for gold except for the omen and breach
Comment from : Joe Mama

Keldo CZ
It s not Radiants!!!!
Comment from : Keldo CZ

Dellmora Farhandy
why was 11:01 such a smooth escape xD
Comment from : Dellmora Farhandy

These golds are nuts
Comment from : Lmao

Myth Mage
Dude, how the hell do I get out of Iron then? The teamwork from merely Gold players is so satisfying.
I get stuck in situations like this in every game. In Overwatch I'm stuck in Gold, which means no one knows what a mic is, and in Valorant (granted I don't play Comp) I'm Iron, which means I'm playing with 3yo COD players

Comment from : Myth Mage

My boi haunt made it to youtube lit
Comment from : TheJuice

james Zhu
20:00 radiant vs gold how does radiant lose
Comment from : james Zhu

james Zhu
the sage is better then all 3 of the radiants
Comment from : james Zhu

Abdelrhman Elgendy
Cypher is trash
Comment from : Abdelrhman Elgendy

Rafid Al Tasnim
In the video at 8:27 WTF is that, how can *bearkun* of team red. How the player himself be flashed by his own reyna flash???
Comment from : Rafid Al Tasnim

Legends of Duty
The radiants Phoenix was somehow smurfing
Comment from : Legends of Duty

satvik rajput
3:19 omg this guy is cracked 🔥
Comment from : satvik rajput

Actual title of the video: “If Solo Queue were a video idea...”

U got ur 2 afk’s and no comms lol

Comment from : Acerbic

Aric Loiacono
Bruh what happen to Cypher’s aim at 9:36 .... I know Silvers that shoot better than that :/
Comment from : Aric Loiacono

Baller Fc
Cypher is not no radiant
Comment from : Baller Fc

How's cypher radiant?
Comment from : ZxEs

Isekai Senpai
1 of every rank vs 1 of every rank
Comment from : Isekai Senpai

What's radiant reyna's crosshair
Comment from : Dn_Cloudz

Comment from : sW3tiNGODSENT

These radiants are those plats who played all day first day of the episode and reached top500 against plats
Comment from : Chad

Day 10 of asking VC for iron vs Radiant but radiant can only use Sheriff
Comment from : yGrim3

NOW gold 3 are all diamond, and plat 3 r radiant and radiants r P3
Comment from : Baoyingwalao

Ariel Segovia
me encantan tus videos
Comment from : Ariel Segovia

kingston liu
that sage is NOT GOLD
Comment from : kingston liu

sage is gold? wow
Comment from : 劉子頡

I was gonna say they were pretty good fpr irons lmfao
Comment from : r2er

Hilmy Wedhana
Wait, you guys communicate in game???
Comment from : Hilmy Wedhana

Master Stackzz
Those golds are terrible
Comment from : Master Stackzz

Yolo Guardian
5 iron vs 3 radiant but the iron have someone who is spectating and give the irons comms
Comment from : Yolo Guardian

Does anyone know phoenix's crosshair settings
Comment from : GAMERJP76

not have sense this shit .
Comment from : RealMontana

Nick Reilly
your videos are going to be messed up now that plats and diamonds are in silver :P
Comment from : Nick Reilly

clara sh
Who needs to watch this when you can witness going against smurfs first hand thanks to the update that pushed down all the pro players to plat and the diamonds to gold :D
Comment from : clara sh

Denzel Hu
That sage plays better than half the plats and diamonds in my games
Comment from : Denzel Hu

you really do milk the shit out of this
Comment from : Kombat

Porettou qp
Love the video but I am confused the title says gold and then he says that plats come through,where they gold or plat?
Comment from : Porettou qp

My gold lobby doesn’t do that
Comment from : ElacheeZ

Gimme in this match, ill help those golds w bein hard stuch gold cause of russians.
Comment from : DavidDaMonki

Nayan Soni
um what is 9:38
Comment from : Nayan Soni

Mj Atienza
Hey since 1.15 is here how about to settle it all get 10 immortals and 5 play omen and 5 play brim. You have done this before on kj ang cypher so do it again. I wanna see the results.
Comment from : Mj Atienza

Aesthete Bui
Next time get actual good radiants like potatoe geezw and xvy
Comment from : Aesthete Bui

Aesthete Bui
Haunt is cracked
Comment from : Aesthete Bui

10:55 FAK
Comment from : chilensiii

diff cs
Damn that Reyna is #1 in NA right now sheesh
Comment from : diff cs

Oleg Balabanov
No communication? This is just low elo experience
Comment from : Oleg Balabanov

Aniki Wong
These golds aren't bad at all, good comm and good teamwork 👍🏻 gege 🤞🏻
Comment from : Aniki Wong

Mr. Know Nothing
Me as an iron: You guys communicate?!
Comment from : Mr. Know Nothing

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