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Название :  30 Days Get LEAN | Rapid Fat Loss
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Paul Revelia
Walk to 10 Body Fat youtube/orPc_yFUNW8
Comment from : Paul Revelia

i wanna lose 11 pounds and maintain muscle im around 179 5 10 and im pretty lean around 168 ish
Comment from : Jnects

GOOSE 1969
Consice and spot on direction!! Thx Paul!!
Comment from : GOOSE 1969

I love your videos Bud I used to be a fat f**k but i've been watching every one of your videos over the last 6 months and I lost over 40 lbs Don't remember the last time when I felt this good ! 😁brKeep up the good work!!
Comment from : TheHeretic018

The only way Im losing 50 pounds is if I go to a british casino
Comment from : stenzy

Bob johnson
rapid fat loss will leave you with loose skin if you're really fat
Comment from : Bob johnson

How can I get in touch with him view email ? Can anyone help
Comment from : Demmolitionman

Basically Lyle McDonald's RFL /PSMF but with a few extra grams of carbs Good stuff I lost about 70lb on a similar protocol and gained some LBM as well
Comment from : diniba

Thornton Xavier
What about keto? I am 5'11 and weighed 227 Used keto and got to 193 in six weeks And I have bounced between 185 and 195 for the past three months
Comment from : Thornton Xavier

Kitty Kow
I lost 23 months in slightly less than a month
Comment from : Kitty Kow

Yuri Bezmenov Was Right
Comment from : Yuri Bezmenov Was Right

K Mac
See this confuses me I’m 6 4 255 “probably” in the 20-22 bf range brI’m a big guy, NFL linebacker look (I’m told) brI do my macros and protein is always in the 190-215 range on different calculators brI’m 49 I pick sedentary with 4-6 workouts a week brbrShouldn’t I be consuming more protein if I’m trying to get to 230?
Comment from : K Mac

Shane McGonnell
What are those cases of cans in the background?
Comment from : Shane McGonnell

Lisa Eve
Excellent as always!
Comment from : Lisa Eve

Love this! Gained 35 pounds in two months but have taken me 5 months to lose 20
Comment from : KawaiiRimi

Teacher TRX
Do you think 30 minutes of light stationary cycling equals 30 minutes of walking?
Comment from : Teacher TRX

Ryan Jarrell Sports
Great video I am 5’10’ and 220 pounds as well My goal is 185 pounds and I am starting this plan now with reaching my goal by October
Comment from : Ryan Jarrell Sports

Abdulaziz Gossage
Comment from : Abdulaziz Gossage

Rick james
30 days get lean depends on Age , genetics, time to train in a day and of course diet
Comment from : Rick james

Devildog _ 627
Fantastic channel Thanks for all your content and work
Comment from : Devildog _ 627

Murray Schultz
GR8 video and info - I’m already a week - ten days in tobrA radical diet but haven’t lost anything - and I don’t need to; I need to cut my cholesterol drastically I’d also love to build muscle which I’ve lost most of these last five or so years due to a very bad back
Comment from : Murray Schultz

Hill Billy Barbell
What’s your opinion on building muscle while on maintenance calories?
Comment from : Hill Billy Barbell

Luis Cypher
46 dislikes?? Why ? I love the channel and the way you explain the subjects,great videos ,very professional and nice guy I did subscribelove from Europeyour Paul Fanclub Italia
Comment from : Luis Cypher

Expert advice 💪🏻🇺🇸
Comment from : REPZ06

Hawken Valhalla
I managed to lose 30lbs in one month before and it involved eating 300-500 calories a day and cycling for 15 - 2 hours per day It was hard going at first, but my appetite didn't exist after the first 4 or 5 days I had a cheat day after the first 2 weeks just to keep me sane Definitely not a healthy way to go about it, but I was morbidly obese at the time and needed to kickstart the diet
Comment from : Hawken Valhalla

andrew ballstaedt
How do I find the rapid weight loss calculator on your site? What is the site?
Comment from : andrew ballstaedt

The Hockstars - Simply - UFOs
And I'm still trying to get to the first pic 😂
Comment from : The Hockstars - Simply - UFOs

Golden Calf
You're one of the few fitness Youtubers that recognise the importance of psychology in training
Comment from : Golden Calf

Thanks Paul I have a similar weight and height Did this as a kickstart and dropped 9 pounds in 2 weeks I then upped my carbs to 180 for energy and I'm maintaining a 1-2 lb per week fat loss Wondering how long I should stay at around 1900 cals to avoid a plateau/adaptation
Comment from : overtime94

This guy probably ran a gram of tren
Comment from : light

Ricky Schiavone
Hey Paul! I’m currently weighing 190-193 lbs and sitting at 10-11 BF I’m going to Vegas in 5 weeks and was wondering what you think the lowest percentage of body fat I can get to, and how!? I currently workout 5-6 days/week with 20-30min of cardio 4-5 days per week Currently drinking 15G of water per day Let me know what you think Thanks!
Comment from : Ricky Schiavone

Josh Williams
This is so true On rest days I feel ravenous Training days hunger not an issue
Comment from : Josh Williams

Lehmann Peters
22 grams of protein per kilo? That seems really high for a non elite athlete
Comment from : Lehmann Peters

Home, gym home
How my goal weight in 30 years? Still don’t 😹
Comment from : Home, gym home

George Pereira
Download link nt sent?
Comment from : George Pereira

Khaled El Makkawy
Amazing prospective on things all my years of watching youtube videos this one is a first and one of the most honest and realistic
Comment from : Khaled El Makkawy

June Harry
How much fiber Do I need to stave off constipation when I’ve increased my protein When I increase protein I tend to get a little constipated
Comment from : June Harry

I like this great info! 👊🏻👍🏻brI just but on 4 kilos in 1 week with no movement and high carb, high fat diet Now im low carb high protein medium fats Also im doing walking on incline (speed 53 and incline 15) also lifting weights and lost 2 kg in 3 days and it the rest will be gone in 2 days maintaining that goal weight 55-56kg and have been doing that for 20 years now I never but on more than 5 kgand when i do i use this fast approach Im 42 years old 164 cm tall
Comment from : KG

Gayan Alagalla
Hi,Thank you for this wonderful video and I am a huge fan of your videosI read an article recently and it says the recommendation is to have atleast 130g of Carbs which is the minimum required Carbs for normal brain functionsCan it be correct ?According to my goal weight I need to have protein at 150g and if I drop Carbs to 50 of the same(75g),will it affect the brain and related functions in any way ?
Comment from : Gayan Alagalla

No cookies or pints of icecream I knew this was the trick, butttttt I WAS BULKING🤣😂🤣😂kicked myself 2 months ago and now I'm getting where I want 2 be😉

Sarah Mccormick
Used App Store nutrition free App Store iPhone
Comment from : Sarah Mccormick

Steon Theron
Paul thank you so much for your videos Is there any reason you never touch the rowing machine instead of walking / running? Would like to know your opinion I do agree brisk walking is great cardio but I also love the rowing machine I row 30min a dayRegards from South Africa
Comment from : Steon Theron

I have hypothyroidism and take medication I'm wondering how much this might affect my metabolism
Comment from : monkface

Anita J
Hi Paul, it's sooo hard to get in all of the protein that I should be getting My first meal of the day is between 11 am & 12 pm(intermittent fasting) My goal weight is 120 so I should eat 120 grams of protein per day ugh! Any suggestions?
Comment from : Anita J

Noah Baker
I would rather walk than run but I need to get readying for military PT which losing weight would help that also But I will do what I used to do in weight training in high school Run the straights walk the curves This help keep the body in burn mode without destroying too much muscle
Comment from : Noah Baker

I gained weight fast but it happened when I was doing a lot of running cardio I gained weight
Comment from : Farehaven

Solomon Pati
Wow a lot of great info here Really like how simple and straightforward you explained things Awesome stuff! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Comment from : Solomon Pati

tom harvey
I'm 285 No way I would eat that much animal protein
Comment from : tom harvey

Sarah Mccormick
Sarah mccormick my weight is 115 lbs
Comment from : Sarah Mccormick

Please help I’m skinny fat because I lost 30 pounds without lifting and I started lifting 2 months ago I went on a clean bulk for 2 months and gained 15 pounds but seems like none of it was muscle should I eat at maintenance and do cardio every other day now
Comment from : WhosSellin

Ken Lasky
Yes, psychology is a BIG part of it It has been so hard for me to get started! Incredible! I have no idea what is causing it Because I KNOW that if I can go to the gym 3 times a week for 3 weeks, I will have a new habit So, I have to use the 2 minute method Sounds silly, but if I commit to my goal for 2 minutes, I will continue for up to an hour It’s that first two minutes that is so important
Comment from : Ken Lasky

Andys House Of Gears
I enjoy your advise and keep the content going Feeling stuck went from 215 lbs to 207 lbs in a 90 days @ 36 years old but haven't been able to drop any more weight and I have been taking measurements and photos and not much has changed I don't eat junk foods and my regular diet is lean proteins and veggies I've really been tracking my intake for about 45 days now and that all looks good I've also been doing more cardio several miles a day along with my regular workouts six days a week for two hours I still enjoy the workouts but not getting the results I think I should be getting sucks
Comment from : Andys House Of Gears

Through Wonders
Having gone through a zero carb diet, I can tell you that's exausting My intake was 1750kcal a day I'm male 28 yo I got to 72kg (158 lbs), my abs showing offbut as soon as I stopped dieting I gained 8kg in 1,5 month What is important for me now is to incorporate a really enjoyable diet that's not that exausting psychologically to be able to stick to it LONG TERMbrbrIt's not that hard to be shredded consuming 2,5k a day
Comment from : Through Wonders

Theft of Utopia
Basically keto
Comment from : Theft of Utopia

Sugar Mouse
have you found that when following a lower carb plan that you dont sleep quite so well?
Comment from : Sugar Mouse

The hardest part is maintaining 10
Comment from : dadadannn

Steve Kostakis
It’s all in your diet and calorie intake Paul knows his stuff and is very inspiring
Comment from : Steve Kostakis

Sarah Mccormick
Used My fitness pal nutrition tracker
Comment from : Sarah Mccormick

Hollywood Gaming
I’m 14br5’6br140 poundsbrAround 17 body fat brI play baseball, do a lot of physical activities, and I weight train almost every day brI’m eating like 1,500 calories a day brI’m trying to get to under 15 body fat
Comment from : Hollywood Gaming

Alex Morris
Im currently 243 lbs and I try to work out with cardio 2 times a week with 2 to 3 hours in a week from home Due to covid I dont go to the gym I have a decent amount of muscle and am on a 1500 calorie deficit I usually try to only due 1000 calories a day for more weight loss Will me eatting about 200 grams of protien throw me off my calories? I'm ok with maintaining my muscle mass as it is but eventually I want to start bulking Do you have e any tips for me ? Also currently subscribed and I love your approach to weight loss and muscle building
Comment from : Alex Morris

Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe
You looked better before
Comment from : Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

Victoria Minaya
I am a 4"9 170lbs I want to lose fat My calories 1200 i do weight training 6 days a week 30 min treadmill My starting weight was 192 But i still have alot of fat to lose what can I do
Comment from : Victoria Minaya

Eddie Gardner
30 pounds in a month is a pound a day, which means a 3500 daily calorie deficit If your normal diet is 2000/ day you would have to eat nothing at all and do 1500 calories of cardio and exercise This is basically impossible, so you need to plan on slower transition which you can sustain A more reasonable goal is a pound a week, which is a 500 calorie/day deficit and a loss of about 4 pounds a month Whether 4 pounds would get you “lean” in a month is also pretty much unlikely, unless you were already very lean
Comment from : Eddie Gardner

Oatmeal Gains
I weigh like 148 with lean muscle about 13 body fat or less I want to get shredded and see my six pack But I also want to be at 155 or 150 Or do I have to lose weight?
Comment from : Oatmeal Gains

Hello paul,brI am planning to do 300 calories per day for almost 2 months It is good for rapid weight loss right? I am not gonna fall into weight loss plateau right? Please reply thank you
Comment from : Xënzîë-YT

Comment from : Rus

My rapid weight loss plan is hiding the cookies and ice cream Good video!
Comment from : novadhd

Harold Alvarez
11 months ago I was 190lbs Since I started my weight loss/ fat loss I workout 4 times a week (chest& tries/back&bies/legs&abs/shoulders/arms) and I do two cardio days on the weekends with abs I’m now 150lbs with around 18 body fat I’ve been tracking calories/macros and meal prepping my whole journey I just can seem to get that last remaining fat off Any advice?
Comment from : Harold Alvarez

Logan Sabatini
Is your challenge open to anyone?!
Comment from : Logan Sabatini

Marcus Garrison
THIS GUY! NAILED IT! Wow Ive been all over the place, buying this workout plan that workout plan I just want something SIMPLE!! LOVE IT! Thank you thank you!brbrI live a keto and intermittent fasting lifestyle, so the diet things won't be difficult I just can't find the motivation o get into the gym that I pay for!! I'm going to start twice a week and just do it! Thank you!
Comment from : Marcus Garrison

hi would you share your opinion on INEVIFIT Eros Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale
Comment from : dez945able

̷1̷9̷8̷4̷ ̷
omad, keto, walk at least 1 hr a day done!
Comment from : ̷1̷9̷8̷4̷ ̷

you got intraocular lenses??

Katrina Baros
this is basically protein sparing modified fast
Comment from : Katrina Baros

Katrina Baros
what about for females? I don't ind doing this but I don't want to lose my period and have to gain it back to get my hormones normalized
Comment from : Katrina Baros

Michael Pointer
Hello Paul I'm almost as shredded as you 227ibs down to 191 ibs so thanks for the great advice you have given me :)
Comment from : Michael Pointer

Great tip on carbs!
Comment from : KBS

Adam Carey
My biggest fear about losing weight is not getting to where I want I started 2 months ago at 234 pounds, I'm 6'6 and I've never done much exercise I'm finally down to 210 but I'm only at 15 body fat roughly It honestly feels like I've accomplished nothing but I'm gonna keep going and lose another 15 pounds
Comment from : Adam Carey

Devil Dog
Hello, question: you stated 2 pounds/1 weight loss per week Is a 3500 calorie deficit a week for 1 pound lost in a week LEGIT or bullshit? If it’s legit, then you are promoting about a 1000 calorie deficit a week Sounds like a lot- perhaps a good video? brbrI’m 6’3” 2086 and about 19-20 body fat, goal 13 I do upper/lower split 4 days a week (tracking progressive overload) - one of my biggest mistakes Doing 15 minutes on an incline after work outs and 1 hour walks on days off 2400-2500 calories
Comment from : Devil Dog

Keno Turner
Do you think lifting 3 days a week is enough? While walking almost daily Truck driver and only have fri-Sun to lift Trying to loose 50lbs
Comment from : Keno Turner

Crystal Knauer
Thank you for this info! I’ve been maintaining for quite a while and am wanting to lose about 5-7 lbs in about 3 weeks This will help with adjusting my macros 👍🏻🤩🙌🏻
Comment from : Crystal Knauer

I was scared for a moment that the magic pill is on the market and all my efforts were for nothing Good catch with the title
Comment from : WOLFSTER2011

TJS Farm and Fitness
Wow, someone that actually knows what they are talking about Refreshing, nice job
Comment from : TJS Farm and Fitness

not only does a rapid fat loss block get you excited but it build character, losing weight fast is hard, it almost works like a boot camp for diet so the next time u need to lose a few pound going slow will be easy since you know what it feels like to dig deep doing it the hard way
Comment from : BushidoKi

Derrick Santos
Where the mind goes, the body follows
Comment from : Derrick Santos

mindy Baker
Hi, Paul! Love this! I’m close to my goal, and I tend to get good results with a few big bursts of giant effort like this and then maintenance afterwards Question regarding your fat calculation here! How did you calculate his “basement” fat grams? Then after adding the fat grams to the protein grams (g/goal weight), how did you calculate carb grams? Asking for myself- 5’7, 148 lbs normally around 1600 cals, not currently tracking, but want to & focusing on protein at the moment I lift usually 4x / week and cardio usually 4x as well Thank you so much!
Comment from : mindy Baker

5’10” 220 could be a lot of muscle or a lot of fat No way of knowing w/out knowing BF content
Comment from : A W

tessa poh
Would you recommend this or keto ?
Comment from : tessa poh

Diane Hanshaw
Thanks Paul 😊
Comment from : Diane Hanshaw

Nosheen Pyarali
When I calculated through this method like protein = my goals weight, fats 35 gms and half of protein is carbs, my total calories come to 1035 Is it ok to eat that low for a month?? With 1 refeed meal a week?? Thank you 🙏🏼😊
Comment from : Nosheen Pyarali

Great, but what about us 50+ females in menopause? Major change in how long it takes to lose I’ve had all bloodwork and it’s “normal” Major weight gain recently tho eating perfectly Really It’s crazy real
Comment from : JM H

Nosheen Pyarali
I do 10,000 steps everyday brMy biggest issue is stress and emotional instability
Comment from : Nosheen Pyarali

Mick Franklin
Hi Paul, you mentioned eating Veg only, Can I ask if that Includes Starchy Veg, or is it greens only Thanks
Comment from : Mick Franklin

Suede Mutant
PSMF next level
Comment from : Suede Mutant

J Jason
Excellent organic to the point info ! Always enjoy the information because I know it’s through experience Thanks Paul 💪🏼🙏
Comment from : J Jason

Jeremy King
Eat less, Move more
Comment from : Jeremy King

LMZ Fitness Garage Gym
What’s up Paul! What would you say is key to keeping up with meal prepping? I struggle to cook when it’s been a long day and you just want to relax, so that’s when bad food comes into play
Comment from : LMZ Fitness Garage Gym

Yogaand Doritos
You are legit the only fitness/fat loss person online I have found that is honest and isn’t afraid to speak the truth of what it REALLY takes to lose fat Thank you for all of your hard work in creating these videos! 🙏🏼
Comment from : Yogaand Doritos

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