5 Steps to Get Under 8% Bodyfat (Science-Based)

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Название :  5 Steps to Get Under 8% Bodyfat (Science-Based)
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Кадры 5 Steps to Get Under 8% Bodyfat (Science-Based)

Описание 5 Steps to Get Under 8% Bodyfat (Science-Based)

Коментарии 5 Steps to Get Under 8% Bodyfat (Science-Based)

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts
1 Compared to the difference between three months of dieting with a 25 calorie deficit or a very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) of 890 calories per day The result was that although the VLCD lost more total mass, the ratio of muscle to fat loss was also considerably higher br onlinelibrarywileycom/doi/full/101038/oby2007354 br br2 Hunger is the primary reason that diets fail br pubmedncbinlmnihgov/23512619/ br pubmedncbinlmnihgov/23684901/ br br3 Cycling your calories can improve diet adherence, diet satisfaction, and weight loss compared to continuous calorie restriction br wwwncbinlmnihgov/pmc/articles/PMC4018593/ br wwwncbinlmnihgov/pubmed/23591120 br br4 The amount of calories you eat on one day generally doesn't influence hunger on the following days br pubmedncbinlmnihgov/30696504/ br wwwsciencedirectcom/science/article/abs/pii/S0195666317306499 br br5 "Responses to overfeeding differed markedly with evidence of ‘compensators’ and ‘non-compensators’, but on average, subsequent food intake was stimulated rather than suppressed after overfeeding in spite of markedly elevated body fat (+13) and fasting leptin (+116)" wwwnaturecom/articles/0803194 br br6 Given the same energy balance, weight and fat loss are the same br wwwkargercom/Article/Abstract/111162 br journalsplosorg/plosone/article?id=101371/journalpone0004377 br br7 Adding cardio to a resistance training routine reduced muscle growth effect size by 39 percent br pubmedncbinlmnihgov/22002517/ br br8 Sleep deprivation suppresses appetite satiating hormones like leptin while at the same time raising levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin brSee figure 3A and 3B: br wwwncbinlmnihgov/pmc/articles/PMC535701/ br br9 Sleeping only 40 fewer minutes per day from Monday to Friday shifted the ratio of the amount of muscle to fat loss from 20 percent to 80 percent br academicoupcom/sleep/article/41/5/zsy027/4846324 br br10 Sleeping 55 instead of 75 hours a day increased muscle loss by 60 percent while decreasing weight loss in the form of fat by 55 br wwwncbinlmnihgov/pmc/articles/PMC2951287/
Comment from : Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts

Bipin Shrestha
I am 15 haha i want to be at 12 😹😹
Comment from : Bipin Shrestha

Manpreet Rajpal
Okay My dieting starts from right now🌞🌞brWill back after 6 weeks 🌚
Comment from : Manpreet Rajpal

I just love the fact that he shares scientific research as references 😄
Comment from : Vin

I'm 98 percent and don't look like the picture
Comment from : Olejr14

I'm 12 naturally without doing nothing Jajajja
Comment from : PeterG

David Lecki
14 looking to get 9 wish me luck boys
Comment from : David Lecki

I am underweight :(
Comment from : HEAT GAMING

Devang Gadgil
Well I'd be happy if I could get my body fat 10-12
Comment from : Devang Gadgil

Heaven of Apocalypse
Well i made mine exercise, walking at least 150 everyday, drink water, not eat junk food, or food with many calories So is not wrong eating a few calories since we continues to make the same routine, and exercise
Comment from : Heaven of Apocalypse

Zach Carter
Meanwhile I'm trying to get above 8 lol
Comment from : Zach Carter

Ahmet Görneçlioğlu
I m fat 22
Comment from : Ahmet Görneçlioğlu

Water Glass
I’m a track sprinter, swimmer, triathlete, and lifter, and I’m always between 45-6 I feel amazing every day because I eat whatever I want and sleep the right amounts I’m no mass monster, but I have a solid amount of muscle Cardio, specifically HIIT training/sprinting is how you really burn fat 30 seconds of hard sprinting will burn more calories and fat than jogging for 45 minutes
Comment from : Water Glass

15 is the optimal body fat level for aesthetics and performance Any lower than that and you become weaker Higher than that, you lose definition
Comment from : Mugo

15 is the optimal body fat level for aesthetics and performance Any lower than that and you become weaker Higher than that, you lose definition
Comment from : Mugo

Tiger_ io
Im 253 bro pls help me
Comment from : Tiger_ io

Randy Polizzi
If you feed and fast and do not reduce caloric intake eat a proper amount quality calories you will lean out just get off your ass and move Energy problem solved
Comment from : Randy Polizzi

Mehdi Sam
I’m on 20 percent fat I want to be coming to 10 percent of fat 💚🌹🙏
Comment from : Mehdi Sam

Ford GT
Bro anything under 10 is not good 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Ford GT

David H
I'm somewhere between 20 - 30 body fat, and training with 5x5 stronglifts 3x per week, with some swimming, walking or tabata thrown in on non lifting days I eat good, home cooked food but probably a little too much of it I'm not seeing the changes I hoped for Any advice would be appreciated
Comment from : David H

I just wanna go below 15
Comment from : RELSESWAT

Jay Rizzi
Bruh how is “low calorie high protein ice cream cheating it’s low calorie and high protein
Comment from : Jay Rizzi

Jay Rizzi
Protien bars are cheat??
Comment from : Jay Rizzi

Thank you! Raza :)
Comment from : razamagic

Papi Zach
Off the guesstimate I think my body fat is at lik 145-15
Comment from : Papi Zach

Zrozumieć Relacje
Kolejny super odcinek
Comment from : Zrozumieć Relacje

I got 15 slowly loading like one percent every week
Comment from : ThatBoiMario

Leon van Heerden
My one friend whos mom is a dietician has been on 8 bodyfat for two years in a row now
Comment from : Leon van Heerden

Comment from : Nerdraico

i think i have 16-19 right now and im aiming for 8-10
Comment from : Zaber716

Sricharan Vasudevan
Cristiano Ronaldo is not human lol
Comment from : Sricharan Vasudevan

Techno Mage
I bought some grapes and cantaloupe so I can snack a bite or 2 periodically just to keep hunger away and it's been working for me
Comment from : Techno Mage

inspectah deck
I just don't have time enough in the day to eat that rediculous amount of protein Do you all work?
Comment from : inspectah deck

Comment from : truason

Game Master
I dont like how low body fat percentages are always shown as muscular bodies to compare Im very skinny and cant really compare to this diagramm(3:27)
Comment from : Game Master

I'm 16/17 (and 15 years old) but I never trained (And I'm not skinny) I'm more a mesomorph I think that I have a quite food genetic Today I am tall 187cm and my weight is 76 kg
Comment from : Skycoso

I'm 6'3 and always been skinny with very low body fat
Comment from : Gelloh

Angel Sanabria
Wow thanks man great advice in here
Comment from : Angel Sanabria

John Gardner
I'm just now getting below 14 This is the most realistic, non-BS advice available on the internet Thanks Max
Comment from : John Gardner

Anthony Gotzit 21
Jesus Christ is king and he died on the cross for our sins, repent from ur sins and follow Christ and get closer to him please, he loves us all no matter what 🙏❤️
Comment from : Anthony Gotzit 21

NYX Assassin
Comment from : NYX Assassin

Anthony Doblev
I’m researching to get my goals and definitely I found this video helpful 💪🏻
Comment from : Anthony Doblev

Filip Polak
And how can I know how much percents of body fat i have?
Comment from : Filip Polak

Edward Jassa
Its totally a mental focus kind of thing, I've been looking to lose some fat but nah I just get way too tempted by the food 😭💀
Comment from : Edward Jassa

I am between 16 and 24 body fat so between pic 6-7 not quite 6 not quite 7 its just me stomach that lets me down I’m 6ft tall and weigh 875kg which is around 13st 7 lbs, I don’t exercise but I don’t sit around all the time either I’m trying one of these 3 day egg diets as I have a medium shirt that when fastened and I sit down the buttons are stretched causing the openers to open enough to expose me stomach
Comment from : MrTheomighty1

How to check your body fat percentage
Comment from : Omarrr

Sapps Man
Him: you can only keep 8 body fat for a day Ronaldo:hold my curry
Comment from : Sapps Man

Trust me once your below 18 you're already in a dangerous zone, especially if you are not eating properly its like a slow self-destructive mechanism
Comment from : blutongue1

Prosenjit DBLAcK
8 ? I would be happy if it 10-12
Comment from : Prosenjit DBLAcK

I’m at 8 but don’t have a six pack
Comment from : East

Petter Bisk
the guy in the tumbnail on this video, looks like he uses steroid, nice bro
Comment from : Petter Bisk

My body fat is 45 kg 😭
Comment from : Vinay

its Fucking Frank
What is the name of that movie pls?
Comment from : its Fucking Frank

Jaiden Andrew Williams Reynolds
The 15 is too bulky ugh gross
Comment from : Jaiden Andrew Williams Reynolds

Dimitrije Djokic
7:02 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Dimitrije Djokic

Dimitrije Djokic
Well explained 💪
Comment from : Dimitrije Djokic

Gaming with DSツSYCO
I am on 13-15
Comment from : Gaming with DSツSYCO

RJ Infusino
I’m in that 13-15 percent range I thought I was a lot more Maybe 16-19 because of the fat on my legs I kinda got down on myself for being this way because my abs aren’t showing well but maybe I just need to do more heavy lifting and an exercises to tone up like you usually say brbrYour videos are crazy informative, I’d say more or less informative than athalean X’s videos Both of you have provided me with good advice
Comment from : RJ Infusino

I’m on 10 and I don’t wanna bulk :/
Comment from : SammyJammy

Curt Slavain
Whу, tho? That's unhealthyfor the brain, especially, as it needs some fat to feed on
Comment from : Curt Slavain

Hassan Badea
My body fat is 21 and I have Six packs
Comment from : Hassan Badea

10:07 😂😂 familyman
Comment from : BEASTERS

Ezekiel Cleaves
My body fat scale currently shows 111 but it actually looks closer to the 16-19 picture Is the scale wrong???
Comment from : Ezekiel Cleaves

Pedro Moreira
Am at 20 but not fat ????
Comment from : Pedro Moreira

I’m currently at 38 body fat, skeletal mass is 966 and I weigh 1719, but have bad love handles and fat within my face So I gotta lose that fat but add muscle quickly
Comment from : SuperSaiyansmackahoe

Halftime Television
I lost 5lbs watching this video thanks✌🏼
Comment from : Halftime Television

But how do I know how much calories I burn on a day?
Comment from : Stefano

cut carb be in deficit get enough protein lift
Comment from : Ata

I'm apparently at 25 body fat but look more like the 16-19 picture I guess some machines are not all that accurate as measuring body fat?
Comment from : C S

adem youssef
this dude is giving us information that costs years of exp and even a Mr Olympia coach won't share with his athlete xD, Thank You, Sir!
Comment from : adem youssef

96 and i feel normal maybe cuz i am naturally skinnybrBut i really want at least 12
Comment from : Mo_ha

Fifou Raouf
I like you 🤗❤️
Comment from : Fifou Raouf

kürşat kürşattt
You and jeff are the best
Comment from : kürşat kürşattt

Every Bird
this video might be the best video on fat loss i've watches so many before and i was able to loose a lot of weight before but i wasnt loosing body fat now i've been following a better plan for few weeks and its already looking a little bit better for me
Comment from : Every Bird

Company Information
Watched so many of your videos please answer thisdoes ketone provide everything the body needs
Comment from : Company Information

Wajdi Mahfoud
Hello,I am 12 year old you inspired me and helped me to lose 35 pounds I still need 22 pound but this is like insane in 2 months
Comment from : Wajdi Mahfoud

Himanshu Sharma
My body fat percentage is 30brHope i can loose it all by this year to 10
Comment from : Himanshu Sharma

Damn man stuck in 15 Diet is surely not working out for me 😞
Comment from : Swapnanil

kumar kartikaya
Hey Brother I lossed nearly 15 ‐20kg a 2 years ago and then suddenly I need to stop my fitness activity likes exercises , due to my studies and now after 2 years ,I gain fat a lot and weight too ,and now my body fat percentage is nearly 25 ‐30 and I want to loose my overall fat percentage but not the muscles so in my future my body can become muscular ,strength full, with no fat and proper stamina what exercises and diet I should follow , My current weight is 90 kg and height is nearly 61 plz anyone help !
Comment from : kumar kartikaya

But the Terminator said on an interview that he slept very little on his days of lifting…brHow come?
Comment from : LET’s GO

Currently 16yo teenager around 18 - 22 of body fat, I cannot still see abs so it might be 22, but I know that I will reach my goal of 10 body fat by the end of the year, if not, then next year, I'll be back with my goal achieved
Comment from : David

890 calorie deficit or 25 what is difference?
Comment from : AJEK CHAUHAN

I want to be on 13-15 but its hard when you have and recovering from eating disorder :(
Comment from : 고먀미

Rob Vinton
8 body fat looks ugly, doesn't look good at all! Women don't like shredded look either, you do all that work nothing 😂
Comment from : Rob Vinton

Dillon Campbell
Comment from : Dillon Campbell

C Allen
He has very good videos! These in conjunction with Athlean X videos, Muscle Monsters videos and Bully Juice videos is the best formula!
Comment from : C Allen

Sarla Sharma
I have 12 percentage body fat
Comment from : Sarla Sharma

Liam Maccabe
I’m 75 body fat and I’m not even trying to lose body fat
Comment from : Liam Maccabe

King Kwamé
I track mine every day My body fat percentage after my walk today and before my workout is 133
Comment from : King Kwamé

Eden Gaming
I am at 16 and going down to 10
Comment from : Eden Gaming

Black Jack21
How about the same video for females
Comment from : Black Jack21

So it doesn't involve eating lots of chocolate mouse and tiramisu??
Comment from : Jay

I have 10percent body fat😁😁
Comment from : Khiladi

Udit Handa
This is the best video i have seen on weight loss Always use to wonder why I loose weight after eating more after days of calories deficit diet
Comment from : Udit Handa

I yearn for true gender equality
I personally wouldn't even go down 10 and stay at 10-12 Body Fat It's way too much work for aesthetic purposes also you're basically going against what your body wants 10-12 Body Fat is where most guys look their best if they have their muscles built
Comment from : I yearn for true gender equality

Ey bro , i'm not gonna live a hungry tired life just for some better definition, I want something normal thank you
Comment from : L0C0

I just want to lower my body fat to an regular amount
Comment from : StrqRen

1 step Stay in a deficit
Comment from : Chyllvian

Eat vegetables Little to no calories and will keep your appetite suppressed for a while Also they are good for you anyways So if you wanna eat more but not intake as many calories, then veggies are the way to go
Comment from : K1NG MARCHY

Yona Da Silva
How you calculate your daily calorie?
Comment from : Yona Da Silva

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