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Название :  Derren Brown Interview (2/6) - Richard Dawkins
Продолжительность :   9.42
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Кадры Derren Brown Interview (2/6) - Richard Dawkins

Описание Derren Brown Interview (2/6) - Richard Dawkins

Коментарии Derren Brown Interview (2/6) - Richard Dawkins

Adam Godfrey
What's 'Fully Arduuur'?
Comment from : Adam Godfrey

Comment from : Addict

Surya Teja
It is the God of all cold readers. Come tamilnadu .

Comment from : Surya Teja

ivana gluvakov
the cameraman is something
Comment from : ivana gluvakov

Calvin De abreu
those Random Zooms tho
Comment from : Calvin De abreu

mandar Kumthekar
Moving camera going to give me sense of vertigo
Comment from : mandar Kumthekar

Fred Funn
This one is a friend of reason!
Comment from : Fred Funn

These two both have personal agendas and very personal reasons for wanting to prove that all psychics/mediums are frauds. They aren't
Comment from : Mysterywhiteboy78

Rowan J Coleman
What's ironic is that Derren Brown who has always said that what he does is a trick is a better "psychic" than people who actually claim to have supernatural powers.
Comment from : Rowan J Coleman

◢ тне Scαɴᴅıɴανıαɴ Aтнеısт ◣
Richard really should acquaint himself with the work of "James Randi" if he hasn't already. : )
And to all you others out there, go check this magnificent gentleman out.

He's an amazing, fantastic inspiring individual - and his life story is no less interesting.
Mark my word, you will not regret it.


Comment from : ◢ тне Scαɴᴅıɴανıαɴ Aтнеısт ◣

They love each other!
Comment from : twosacrowd

m beginization
do they look at atheism in this series
Comment from : m beginization

damn cameraman
Comment from : Clippy

I doubt he'd listen to you anyway.
Comment from : Balsham91

search 'derren brown messiah'
Comment from : Balsham91

what series is that from?
Comment from : Shiggystardust

Well he is a TV man, he needs to make a living out of it, but I think it`s somewhat justifiable, because he`s doing it to demonstrate to people how easy they are to fool and in fairness, he always comes clean with hes "victims" in the end.
Comment from : kupman6000

Derren Brown should go on a "psychic" hunt and televise it.
Comment from : ekeb1

lol I didn't notice the camera work until I looked at the comments. I've just been fascinated by the interview.
Comment from : Bombtrack411

it was filmed on a boat.
Comment from : gggggggg

Stu The Desiro man
do you even know how (a) how big the camera is and (b) its on the guys shoulder its a huge camera so its not shoddy its because one camera to two people who are facing each other..........
Comment from : Stu The Desiro man

If that's the case set the camera showing both of them with a clock in the background and then go get a kitcat :P
Comment from : lucidnz

I think the point of the single shot, over the shoulder camera work is to show that this conversation has not been cut/edited in anyway. I don't think the visual content is particularly important, compared to the narrative.
Comment from : Sophiekhara

Amateurish camera work!
Comment from : handsomerockus

What I said was intended to be humorous, as I've already stated. But thanks for telling me how wrong I am via the medium of sarcasm, that's always really helpful. :D
Comment from : trishpiglet

Yeah I guess the camera work is far, far more important than the content.
Comment from : thatdevilguy

I on the other am thankful that he is doing his job. Placing the camera over the shoulder of the person listening is the least we can ask for. So you wanted to see this video without ever seeing Dawkins? Only the back of his head?
Comment from : TheMainManSWE

Monty Cantsin
Anthropologists have found that a person only has the ability to maintain upwards of 200 familiar relationships in any one period. (from family to work/school acquaintances, etc.). That's still a lot of people. Fill a room with people, and call out a name appropriate to the population (like albert, if your in england, or if it's mainly a spanish speaking ethnicity, perhaps Alberto). Multiply the population of the room by 200, you have a wide field of names in which to get a hit.
Comment from : Monty Cantsin

brilliant interview! i noticed that derren brown can change subjects very effectively :)
Comment from : wilsonchubacca

shit, he about flew right up into richard dawkins nosttrils
Comment from : wilsonchubacca

James Shann
i think the camera person starts to get bored him/herself when they start randomly zooming in on Richard Dawkins' eyes
Comment from : James Shann

Are you serious ?
Comment from : BlackJackJonnyy

Keyser Söze
Two great minds! Great viseo!
Comment from : Keyser Söze

derren should try make dawkins believe in a higher power as he did to several atheists in the 'Messiah' episode......i imagine it would be like the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object
Comment from : Balsham91

When I first saw this video title I thought "Oh, here we go, a one-sided argument". Aren't they both of a similar understanding? Fuck me, cameraman/woman's on acid!
Comment from : Lewis72

MoreHuman ThanHuman
Imagine how distracting that camera man must have been for them, he keeps moving around behind each of their shoulders...
Comment from : MoreHuman ThanHuman

Fuck all the shit about the camera. This is an interesting discourse.
Comment from : jjage7

James Jarvis
Full uncut video, cut into 6 parts.
Comment from : James Jarvis

Two arrogant twats. Probably the most annoying arrogant people I can think of.
Comment from : A G

I like it....makes me feel like Im on a boat.
Comment from : MrLuckarm

Melissa Contreras Photography
Best comment ever.
Comment from : Melissa Contreras Photography

It may be just a young film maker who can't imagine anyone could just listen to interesting ideas without some sort of constant movement or other.
Comment from : oleole52

My comment was intended to be humorous rather than serious. I'm glad to hear you find the technique makes it more watchable :)
Comment from : trishpiglet

T3rribl5 use of infact pahahah
Comment from : PlasteredSpinkyMan22

Brown called Richards passiveness naive charlatanry, witch i thought quite amusing. The thing is that he could in a gesture of boldness leave himself open to accusations of such and sort of leave him wounded when he already has what he thinks he needs and so, is open to skepticism and as he unreflectively already is open to destruction he can and will believe he lives to be simply to be and tobe open to reflection is so absurd that infact he would loose his simple saintly manner. Ghastly if you.
Comment from : PlasteredSpinkyMan22

I don't think Brown agrees with much of what Dawkins says, but he agrees in response to Dawkins' passive aggression.
Comment from : 1989kkh

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Comment from : BrainCrusherLP

Turkey Feathers
I've seen enough of Dawkins' left ear now...
Comment from : Turkey Feathers

Tom Corbett
Just listen to it in a background window. Like an audio book or radio show. Eases the nausea.
Comment from : Tom Corbett

Don't know why they don't sit down for a chat tbh
Comment from : SenorKristobbalVLog

Cuppan Chuck
blame NYPD blue
Comment from : Cuppan Chuck

Who cares about the camera work? Listening to this conversation is enough for me.
Comment from : PiesangPielsePa1

Fraser MacLeod
wasn't noticing that at all until you said that! :(
Comment from : Fraser MacLeod

Thanks Rob :) Interesting
Comment from : trishpiglet

Robert Spratt
Remember, this is the full uncut version of the interview so you are getting an insight into how tv is put together. I haven't seen it, but I suspect that in the 'transmitted version' of this interview, you don't get to see any of the to-ing and fro-ing camera movement, but instead get what appears to be neat cuts between Derren and Richard, as if there were two cameras doing the filming instead of just one.
Comment from : Robert Spratt

Not an issue for me. More interesting is when Brown mentions magicians becoming psychics for more money, and Dawkins replies sharply 'you're one of the examples of that'. lol
Comment from : tecnique000

I love Derren's cheekiness mixed with frank honesty: "pick the ones that cry a lot"
Comment from : HS

Jim Finn
i never noticed the camera till these fuckers told me.. now i cant stand it
Comment from : Jim Finn

Haha amazing, "Tuesdays I think that's the day they do these sort of things"
Comment from : Juniorchea

Oliver Southworth
Keep the camera still. Give them some chairs and let us enjoy the video!
Comment from : Oliver Southworth

62 people have disliked this, 62 people just cant accept the facts, its sad and they are the people holding back mankind!
Comment from : KSharpMusic

thak you for the answer! but how on earth can he or the psychics guess people's names or something so personal with such accuracy? This cannot be suggested:)Is it possible that some psychic says you're gonna marry a Sam one day increases your chance of marrying a Sam radically, even though you shrug off the prediction?
Comment from : kosovirkka

As much as I agree with and respect Dawkins I really want to slap his smug, all-knowing, pompous red face.
Comment from : TheStupidcomment

Well they can when you check the references. I'm amazed that books are seen as more factual when they are mostly written by one person and we have to trust that they have carried out the required research and write unbiased. But students can't be made to purchase wikipedia pages as they can with expensive text books...
Comment from : TheStupidcomment

search "Derren Brown Animal Heaven" in youtube, you will see the video I am talking about.
Comment from : 6NoHope9

he does little secret signals that makes their brain think the way he wants before he does the trick, for example when he is guessing which hand the coin is in, he says "put it in the hand that feels right", it's a little trick that professional marketing people use to make people buy their stuff. Your brain will see things and take note of them without even realising it, then your brain has a higher chance of using that as the answer. In other words he controls what the answer will be.
Comment from : 6NoHope9

yeah, notice how all 3 of those names are very common names, it's never frank, rupert or arnold.
Comment from : 6NoHope9

wikipedia? Unreliable source. My university forbids wikipedia references as they can't be classed as reliably factual.
Comment from : 6NoHope9

I am only now aware of the grammar mistakes I did in the post below:) pleae ignore them
Comment from : kosovirkka

Blah blah ok I agree with everything they're talking about but can derren explain how on earth he guesses people's names and other details correctly or how it is done by psychics....i would really love to know!I went to these psychics a few times and I went to an astrological reading...and some of them were accurate in predicting the future,understanding what was bugging me...can anyone explain me how they to that!how can someno predict your future ???is it only manipulation usin suggestion??
Comment from : kosovirkka

Blue Luny
my sister went to a psychic and was amazed when she said "you know a jon mike or steve"...cos she knew a jon
Comment from : Blue Luny

it shows the viewer that the conversation hasnt been edited...........................but it can make u dizzy
Comment from : 234dragoman

This is an interesting video. I think the camera person assumes we might get bored though because s/he keeps moving around. Leave the camera alone, go get a kitkat, we're fine :)
Comment from : trishpiglet

According to different studies, between 46% and 85% of Swedes do not believe in God.In the Eurostat survey, 23% of Swedish citizens responded that "they believe there is a God", whereas 53% answered that "they believe there is some sort of spirit or life force" and 23% that "they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, God, or life force". Nevertheless...these individuals resented the term atheist, still called themselves Christians, being content with remaining in the Church of Sweden.wikip
Comment from : TheStupidcomment

Oh please, most of northern Europe has the majority of the population being non-believers (of various degrees: atheists, agnostics, non-believers, spiritualists that believe in no god, etc.). Denmark is estimated to have around 70% nonbelievers, and Denmark is also measured, for 12 years in a row, to be the happiest place on earth.
Comment from : TokyoZeplin

Why has Brown left a large part of his moustache unshaven?
Comment from : jonnyy40

I agree completely : "If they're LIES who are YOU to decide that YOUR lies are what people need to hear to comfort them". It's incredibly wrong what some "psychics" do... in that, they gain money on the weak frame of minds of distressed people. People get addicted to psychics because it brings them relief (VERY SHORT LIVED) while the psychic makes a bundle of money manipulating the person. I find it disgusting. It's almost as if they are a lying counselor or psychiatrist. I'd never.
Comment from : anonynaw

Salad Cookie
Please watch the 1/6 of this series. Derren gives albert as a common example of an old fashioned name, like a grandfather.
Comment from : Salad Cookie

An Albert? Is that what you call one of your testicles?
Comment from : tomzablee

Harry Roper
i'm guessing the irony is intentional? XD
Comment from : Harry Roper

Ali Alsaadi
he mentions Albert at 6:45 first
Comment from : Ali Alsaadi

Don't they ever sit down ?
Comment from : Dimitar

D Murray
WEll said Derren, spending your life lying does lead to the worst lie of all, the one to yourself. It doesn't comfort people it disrupts people's grief process terribly. No one should take it upon themselves to do that with their selfish interest at heart. A therapist, psychologists rule is to always use your training for the person's best interest, to be truthful and to help them heal and manage the truth of a situation. "you cannot live a wrong life rightly"-Psychics take note
Comment from : D Murray

he has that twitch for years....you can see it on his live shows, on tv, it's uncontrolled but good for you
Comment from : Krunx

Dale Thomas
I have been to readings with my Japanese wife. Funny how she never gets relatives coming through :-D
Comment from : Dale Thomas

billybob thornton
''Im one of very few people who understands nlp'' Well done You are now officially an Imbecile.
Comment from : billybob thornton

Jim Powell
Today all of you will get a phone call, or it could be a text or maybe a letter - some form of correspondence will happen.
Comment from : Jim Powell

Derren's a witch!! He turned me into a newt!
Comment from : D119heavy

I had a psychic tell me I had "a very curious nature"....no shit....I'm sitting in front of a lady who says she's a psychic!
Comment from : bermudaguy1

haha, yes. (Aftonbladet = BS = bullshit)
Comment from : muffinspuffinsEE

I have heard that claimed before too, but I did not get the source. Aftonbladet once said it was about 50-50 (for whatever Aftonbladet is worth). Besides, the main point that is often suggested is that since Sweden is so atheistic that it must be a rational society in every other way. You and I both know that it total nonsense.
Comment from : pitcalco

This is probably the most compelling interview I have ever seen concerning any topic.
Comment from : pitcalco

There are plenty of mad people here and stupid ideas abound, but for other reasons. Most Swedes may claim to be atheists, but it is not usually a matter of having given the metaphysical question a lot of thought. Some people have, for sure, but the average Svensson simply rejects religion because it would make him feel bad about his destructive behaviours, habits and excesses. Swedes simply do not *want* there to be a God, whether they believe in him or not.
Comment from : pitcalco

Did he drown?
Comment from : JackhammerJesus

Cian Marley
Well put. Another example would be Estonia. Something like 90% of its population is non-religious.
Comment from : Cian Marley

Jim Marcer
5:59 ''TUHA''
Comment from : Jim Marcer

Simon Moorhouse
Do people really want to believe that their dead friends and family have to float around talking to douche bag mediums? I feel so sorry for people who spend a fortune trying to get in touch with dead family and friends through blatant con artist mediums. Either these mediums are so arrogant that they really think dead people are queuing up to pass on messages though them, or they are purposely trying to con grieving, vulnerable people! If it's the later, it's unforgivable!
Comment from : Simon Moorhouse

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