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Phoebe Hsu
This guy is like my ex
Comment from : Phoebe Hsu

I would feel so happy knowing they bought that expensive meat for me he’s rude lying about stomach issues
Comment from : Donna

Low iq moron
Comment from : Cory

joseph guidry
He won’t eat simple pork but he’s adventurous enough to seek out foreign women online!!
Comment from : joseph guidry

That's why people should stick with their own kind

This guy is weak beta

Adrianna Wonnacott
I'd eat and enjoy that pig. Southern people need to appreciate other cultures food. It's rude and disrespectful
Comment from : Adrianna Wonnacott

KaSpEr369 1NeNiN3
Id eat that pig idgaf be grateful 🤡🤟🏻
Comment from : KaSpEr369 1NeNiN3

Is the man vegan that he don't eat the lechon
Comment from : Let'splayagame

Alam nila hindi kumakain.papakainin.....baboy yan eh..bakit nila pipilitin yong isang tao...
Comment from : PANIS KA CHANNEL

I hate pig, but i would so eat this! They made it with love! And care!
Comment from : Janny

your Markie
Im filipino i love cooking especially my friends visit me i feel sad and i think im going to cry if someone dont like what i prepared food coz i spend alot of time and i cooked the food from my heart🙁
Comment from : your Markie

Jolo Magno
D lng kumain ng letchon ... Road na grabe naman
Comment from : Jolo Magno

3 years later and i still come back for the meme
Comment from : smolb0i

Dr. J Plays PHIAUS
Kakakain ko lang ng Lechon Naalala ko na toh HAHAHHAHAHA


Comment from : Dr. J Plays PHIAUS

Third Pogi
your road!!
Comment from : Third Pogi

Gale Chow
Idiot respect the culture he doesn't deserve her 😡
Comment from : Gale Chow

Robert Dozier
Larry is too strong, of a name, for this, "pantywaist"...
Comment from : Robert Dozier

Lenford Soocka
Family went allout for him and he dis them
Comment from : Lenford Soocka

Huntress Artemis
And so this video became included in my younger brother's schoolwork
Comment from : Huntress Artemis

Grace Coney
disrespectful if you don't eat the food
Comment from : Grace Coney

Grace Coney
You gotta learn eat the food
Comment from : Grace Coney

Comment from : totallyrevv

His reaction was very weird, does he think bacon grows in the plastic bag? Also very rude, he acted like they served him dogshit. I thought you guys also put half pigs on the grill for pulled pork or eat turkeys. It's not that unusual? You've also consider the time factor, this takes hours to prepare and the money factor. A pig like that is around $200 which can be a low monthly wage in the Philippines. At least you'll have to raise the pigs if you don't buy it which also takes a lot of time and money...
Comment from : moinmoin

Tanya Degurechaff
stop putting all the blame to the guy kung ayaw edi ayaw bakit mo pa pipilitin kahit na pinaghirapan rostaduhin yang baboy yan kahit na masarap kung ayaw ayaw 🙄 but yes I would consider it rude
Comment from : Tanya Degurechaff

"your road " kalsada ka daw hahahahaha
Comment from : Sandman

Alexandra Nietes
Agpayso atoy no agluto ak d na kayat ayna makabekkel ak 😂😂😂
Comment from : Alexandra Nietes

Comment from : SawopYT

Jovin Flores
Lechon is so delicious...what a moron hahaha
Comment from : Jovin Flores

What episode is this
Comment from : SpeekofDee

Gyan HD
its literally roast pork
Comment from : Gyan HD

Ray Taino
Lechon is a spanish word and is eaten all over the Caribbean including Florida where a lot of Caribbean Hispanic people live.. I’m surprised living in Florida that he hasn’t tried it It’s delicious for the life of me I don’t know why he’s making a big deal about it .. Also for the people of The Philippines they were doing something special for him because Lechon for them is very expensive
Comment from : Ray Taino

Salvador, Mhark Andrei A.
the reason he didnt eat it because he has problems and he deosnet know if its cooked or not
Comment from : Salvador, Mhark Andrei A.

Simon Rodgers
Could this chump have insulted the family anymore ? What a tool
Comment from : Simon Rodgers

He was worried about diarrhea from.... a ROASTED pig? My man, why you gotta make white people look bad. Roasted meat like that ALWAYS SLAPS.
Comment from : Alex

Min etlaV
Shameless why won't she be piss off. You really don't deserve her. While you can eat burger whatever in your country. Very Rude👿
Comment from : Min etlaV

Arturo Cabral
As Mexican I would taste it. As Mexicans we eat similar like this but is different we called it carnitas
Comment from : Arturo Cabral

Raiden Vizconde
You're trash man
Comment from : Raiden Vizconde

mattizzle Soda
Lol I can't eat some Filipino foods but lechon is good man and not that exotic it's just BBQ pork, come on dude lol
Comment from : mattizzle Soda

Lechon does take a lot of time to prepare.
Its also really expensive but its worth it, Larry is just OA.😭🤚

Comment from : Your_Math_Teacher

The way he was looking at the food her father had just prepared..... Like a kid dared to eat something unpleasant by his friends... The disrespect is astounding.
Comment from : z

17 Antonio Joseph Javines
Bro its just pork
Comment from : 17 Antonio Joseph Javines

A whole pig is actually pretty expensive and also, its literally roasted pork, its not for "adventurous eaters" I would understand if he could not eat it because or religious reasons or if he had a vegan or vegetarian diet but he obviously needs to be more cultured and accepting.
Comment from : POWERICE90

He’s sweating lmao
Comment from : PriapusV2

Nicole Elizabeth
i would'nt eat that either
Comment from : Nicole Elizabeth

i o
idk why he hates it. I don’t like it too but it doesn’t mean he can just disrespect culture
Comment from : i o

Bruh, gimme an ear and that crispy tail!!!
Comment from : RINGMASTER75

josie herrera
I know what turned Larry off: the pig's eyes staring at him.
Comment from : josie herrera

A Pitt
He works at Mcdonalds!! But won’t eat a fresh roasted pig!?!?!
Comment from : A Pitt

I mean why do people hate him so much? Everybody react different? He may want to respect her culture, but he just doesn't want to taste the food as he said he had problems with diarrhea.
Comment from : Y D

vampire queen
I’m Puerto Rican and we have lechón asado everywhere, so good, he doesn’t know what he is missing, he acts like that is not in the states at all, also he has no respect.
Comment from : vampire queen

John Vu
Never take Larry to FOCO or a brazillian steakhouse
Comment from : John Vu

Jeff Ian
gloco once said basetose ka wala kang respetoe
Comment from : Jeff Ian

adventure TIME
It looks yummy wtf rude lmao
Comment from : adventure TIME

gkg gkg
Larrys face pisses me off cuz not just direspecting our culture but why the heck does he look like jaystation the worst youtuber ever like wtf no wonder hes attidude is like that hes the look alike of jaystation
Comment from : gkg gkg

Seafood Diet
the steaks you eat back home are friggin' raw!
Comment from : Seafood Diet

Billie Othman
Rewatching and Larry is such a huge disappointment. I don’t eat pork but I would have eaten it just to respect the family. He works in a fast food restaurant and won’t eat roasted pork?!
Comment from : Billie Othman

Ann Rachelle
Are they get married?
Comment from : Ann Rachelle

Joyce Lam
You can't be mad at someone that refuse to eat the food. Some people have allergies and weak stomach. His family is stubborn.
Comment from : Joyce Lam

Enellek Nosredna
I really can’t stand some Americans we are so used to eating processed food we don’t grow up and realize we are eating animals he’s very RUDE whats with the entitlement
Comment from : Enellek Nosredna

DiveMaster Ricky
What a POS. He has no respect.
Comment from : DiveMaster Ricky

J H Barrett
I can't wait to visit my girl in the Phillipines and try Lechon. Sirap
Comment from : J H Barrett

✨Dieurreur✨ problems
Comment from : MissPhaeRae

I know this is an old incident but let me tell you what Larry? Ang arte, arte mooooooo... Actually, Jenny's infamous line "you're road" became viral but now I feel so bad for her. You should be the infamous one.... Oooopppsss.. guess I heard they have a happy ever after ✌️✌️✌️😅
Comment from : mommyfloNbabytep

gaming site
When she meets me personally i say see your face in the mirror before becoming my gf 🤣😂😂😂
Comment from : gaming site

gaming site
I am pure vegeterian Nd i warn my gf if she add anything in my plate than sorry its has some consequences
Comment from : gaming site

si babae ang rude. kasi dapat sana may iba pang putahi kahit lumpia lang. para may pag pilian siya. first time nya makakita ng ganyan.
Comment from : tem

Juan Manuel Marquez
But he eats McDonald's like it was a prime steak!!
Comment from : Juan Manuel Marquez

Psyke YT
2:41 redo of healer reminds me
Comment from : Psyke YT

How about if you are vegetarian? And vegan? Ummm? You can’t make someone eat something they don’t eat!
Comment from : Bellezanatural1

Santrice McPherson
So I'm new to this series and I think I get it now.... Americans fall in love over the internet and don't look up customs of the people who you claim to love.. keep the privelege you think you have ...😐😐
Comment from : Santrice McPherson

Rhandyl Orion
Welp in philippines dont get to ofended
Comment from : Rhandyl Orion

Rhandyl Orion
Comment from : Rhandyl Orion

Sahara Echo
Is Larry Jewish or what??
Comment from : Sahara Echo

Komi Komi
Putik pinag aagawan yan dito samin pag may handaan tapos aartehan nya lang
Comment from : Komi Komi

Crystal Levine
I totally get him, so he’s a picky eater? Whatever! I hate that they’re guilting him, they’re taking it way to personally.. he’s American, they’re not used to seeing a pig with its head still on like that
Comment from : Crystal Levine

2:41 is this your looking for?
Comment from : Hasuki

The lechon looks delicious
Comment from : Earthquake

Omg I feel so bad for the dad.And those cost so much money there😣
Comment from : MTTT

Yamamoto San
what a loser
Comment from : Yamamoto San

Just eat the damn thing
Comment from : biano

Emma Martinez
i lost it at “what’s the matter? i’m old??”
Comment from : Emma Martinez

M.I.N Channel
Is he vegan?
Comment from : M.I.N Channel

Maya Rebecca
Lmao omg I caaant hahahaha “I’m old?” Lol
Comment from : Maya Rebecca

Lechon is a big deal in the Philippines. We only serve it on special occasions. So if anyone gets served lechon in the future, please eat it. You will make your host very happy.
Comment from : candiceangeli

Her:You're road
Me:bruhhhh its just roasted pork

Comment from : justachelsea

He rude of other culture
Comment from : GødLy

Mark Andrei Gamboa
Uhm its literally just roasted pork cooked in an open fire or even an oven?!? There are similar american dishes to this
Comment from : Mark Andrei Gamboa

Roblox gamer 200

Comment from : Roblox gamer 200

Steffi Obias
I’m Filipino and I would die just to get lechon rn!!!!
Comment from : Steffi Obias

Malaya Abigail N. Bongat
Bruh I like eating lechon
Comment from : Malaya Abigail N. Bongat

well it is just pork
Comment from : Rebel

Philippe Lewis Rodriguez
This dude probably eats microwaveable mac n cheese every day.
Comment from : Philippe Lewis Rodriguez

alex hobbins
You go to the Philippines to be with a Filipino woman, you have to accept her culture and that includes their food. If her family buy a certain meat that is pretty much used for celebration and offers it to you and their daughter that is a sign of respect and they’re happy with you. To turn your nose down at any food is pretty disrespectful in any culture and plain rude
Comment from : alex hobbins

give me some tortillas y salsa I’ll eat that up 😆😆😆
Comment from : Samantha

Sarah McFarlane
Has this guy never had pulled pork?
Comment from : Sarah McFarlane

Smiley Scorpio
Comment from : Smiley Scorpio

Marty Ward
Best pork you will ever eat. What an idiot.
Comment from : Marty Ward

Sabrina Ruiz
Naawa ako sa Papa nya :( inikot Yung lechon 5 hours tapus parang Wala Lang imaginee kahit inaantok pa papa nya Ng 6 or 5 pm diba tapus walang haystt:(
Comment from : Sabrina Ruiz

Just Peachy
I'm from the US and they serve roasted pig just like that here and it is SUPER expensive. I would've loved it! He's just a rude little bitch lol. Once I went to a birthday party where they had a whole roasted pig like this and everyone was in awe and loved it. They also do this in Hawaii at Luaus!
Comment from : Just Peachy

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